NY Showroom:
42 w 38th st 12th floor
NY NY 10018
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243 44th St
Brooklyn NY 11232
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New Orders: 212-714-9611
Order Inquiry and Accounts
Payable: 718-768-8484
Fax: 212-629-5252

Order and Account Inquires:
Phone: 718-768-8484
Fax: 718-768-0355

.Regional Representatives 


  1. NJ LI PHL, CT           Jay Zelezny                732-713-3237
  2. Va, Md, DC,DE           Frank Wharam          804-647-2642
  3. NC SC                         Jaye Williamson       704-905-9811
  4. NYC                            Norman Oshinsky     516-967-8394
  5. Florida                       Jim Faust                   561-239-1757
  6. AL GA                         Jack Schniper           205-253-3442
  7. Oh WV KY TN PA       George Morris           216-225-0110
  8. MI IN                         Jim Bayelerian          248-310-0610
  9. TX MS LA OK              Larry Mathis               469-585-6991
  10. MN WI ND SD             Bob Klein                   612-338-2551
  11. California                    Barry Moskow           818-591-2912
  12. New England              Ricardo Viera               781-539-9238
  13. Puerto Rico                 Pedro Moreno            787-367-4422
  14. NYC Showroom          Ezra Azizo                  212-714-9611
  15. IL MO WI                     Gary Donowitz           847-778-6190
  16. NYC Showroom          Steven Azizo              917-693-1993
  17. Web orders                 Debbie Goldberg       212-714-9611
  18. Warehouse                 Solly Azizo                  718-768-8484

To Place order, you may contact your regional  representative  or call  our  Showroom office directly. We will be happy to take your order on behalf of your representative, as we guide you through our online showroom.

 To make an appointment at one of our many Shows we attend, or with your local representative, please send an email note  or call your Representative directly from the information above.

For orders on the Web please contact Debbie Goldberg at our showroom office at 212-714-9611 or email

For Order Inquirys or Accounts payable please contact Ms. K. DesChampes at our warehouse office  718-768-8484 or email to

Please do not hesitate to contact anyone on this list. We are here to serve you.